How do I know I have a transmission problem?

The transmission is a critical part of your vehicle's drive system. Transmission failure typically means the car can't be driven until the transmission is fixed or replaced. Both manual and automatic transmissions share many of the same trouble signs that signal transmission problems or failure. Being alert to early warning signs may help you avoid costly repair bills and significant safety issues.  Here are some symptoms that you may have transmission problems.

Rough Shifting - Abrupt or hard shifting between gears is the most common sign of transmission problems.

Fluid - Dark or dirty transmission fluid is an indicator of potential transmission problems.

Leaks - Small stains or drops of fluid under the vehicle may not be a problem; however, wet spots and puddles should be given immediate attention.  If you run your vehicle with low or no transmission fluid, you will most likely end up having to replace your transmission.

Sounds - A rhythmic, heavy knocking sound may indicate transmission problems.  

Grinding - If you notice grinding when you shift gears, you may have a problem with your transmission.

Slippage - When the engine speeds up and the vehicle doesn't respond accordingly, it is a sign of a failing transmission.

Missed Shifts - A delayed or missing response when shifting gears is a sure sign your transmission has failed or is failing.

Popping Out of Gear - Manual transmissions may pop out of gear when you press on or release the gas pedal.  This is a sign of a failing transmission and will continue to get worse over time it not fixed.

Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint a problem.  It's also important to remember that a transmission problem cannot be diagnosed over the phone.  If you think there is something wrong, it's better to be safe than sorry.  Some problems may be minor, and if you fix them right away, you could avoid more expensive repair bills in the future.  Of course, periodic maintenance is always your best measure. 


Experiencing transmission problems?  Contact Fisher Auto Transmission to schedule an inspection of your vehicle's transmission. 

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